YouTube Speech Signals Jerry Brown Candidacy

By Andrew Ivey | Speeches

Mar 08

Veteran California Attorney General Jerry Brown has used a speech on YouTube to announce his candidacy for Governor this year.

In a brief three minute speech to camera the former Governor laid out his case as a serious candidate. There’s no denying that he’s serious. His speech is forceful and direct, making good use of lists of three throughout the speech. For example, the budget is described as “always late, in the red and wrong.”

Alliteration features heavily with phrases such as, “partisan paralysis, “political posturing, “puppy slogans and platitudes” and   “knowledge and know-how.”

His approach to pausing is reminiscent of another former California Governor–Ronald Reagan. They appear when you least expect them and in the oddest places. But it’s effective.

As a politician he’s well versed in using a contrast approach to his speeches: “when it works and when it doesn’t work. And it’s no secret that Sacramento isn’t working today.” He then picks up this theme in his conclusion: “let’s get California working again.

In all, a neat and tidy three minute political speech.

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  • Peter Bowler says:

    Well, he did it. The maverick makes a come back after 25 plus years.

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