Use Pauses And Achieve More When Public Speaking

Why use pauses in your speech? It's a question that we are asked all the time.

And we answer it by asking another question…

What makes a good public speaker really stand out?

It isn't really just a matter of confidence, rhetorical skills or a good speech writer. Though they are very important!

It's delivering a speech that really counts.

Why use pauses in your speech

Why Use Pauses in a Speech

Because a mighty fine speech can be ruined with poor delivery. And a poor speech can be much more effective with proper delivery.

So that begs the question...

What's involved with delivering a speech?

Keeping it simple, there are 4 main elements to a well-delivered speech:

  • Pace or speed
  • Pronunciation of words
  • Tone and tempo
  • and, Pausing

Speed of delivery will always be most commented on by an audience. But, with a focus on pauses, your pausing will be consistent with your speed of delivery.

But there's much more to it than just slowing down or quickening up. A lot more.

Use Pauses In Your Speech

A well-timed pause has your audience pondering what you've just said. They make sense of your theory. And, they grasp the merits of your argument. That's as they use the quiet time to really understand your speech.

"The most precious things in speech are the pauses." Ralph Richardson

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And there's more.

Because your audience also uses the quiet time to consider what you are going to say next. Yes, that happens when you pause.

It's bizarre. But it's true. That's what your audience will do. Of course, this was clear in the Governor's speech from Mark Carney.

It's not dissimilar to an audience's reaction when a comedian pauses before the punchline to a joke. There's anticipation, expectation and a guess or two at the next line. You can really see this with the President Obama Gridiron speech. So, effective ​pauses in action.

​Pauses really do work. It's proven and it's well worth your time. That's the well-timed pause when public speaking.



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