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First things first. We're really pleased to see that we've got conferences back again–albeit they're mainly political party conferences at this stage. But, it's a start. So, when we pondered an Ed Davey conference speech we were enthusiastic. And his fellow Liberal Democrat conference goers might have been equally enthusiastic…until it dawned on everyone that the LibDems conference was mainly virtual this year.

Ed Davey Conference Speech 2021

LibDems Leader Ed Davey Gives Conference Speech at the virtual party conference.

Now, it's true that this Ed Davey conference speech was performed in front of a live audience of some 150 party activists. However, a speech in front of such a small group in Canary Wharf, London doesn't really count as a leader's conference speech. We'll have to wait for next year's conference for his first speech as leader.

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We've covered Ed's speeches before. With one notable exception, an energy speech to a CBI audience, his speeches are more than competent. And that's to be expected.

In Canary Wharf he managed to read his autocue (teleprompter) without difficulty. So, he hit all the key points you'd expect of a party leader desperately trying to make his political party relevant again.

Ed Davey Conference Speech Steams In

Liberal Democrats want to hold the already powerful properly to account.
The global tech giants and big property developers. The fossil fuel companies and the investment banks.
We all have to play by the rules, and do what’s right – so why don’t they?
People are sick and tired of the Conservatives making the powerful even more powerful – rigging the game for their friends.

However, it was his pre-speech publicity on twitter that really caught our attention. And that's no bad thing in today's news cycle.

Yes, people ridiculed the fact that Ed was ironing a new shirt whilst wearing a shirt and tie. He had them in creases. But, hey that's no big deal. We approve.

Because when you want to give a big conference speech you'll always benefit when you are prepared, smart and tidy. And when you are in the glare of the lighting, with all the cameras and a captive audience, then it's essential.

Get Ready For Your Conference Speech

Ed Davey knows the importance of prior preparation before any conference speech. And that preparation always includes your appearance!

  • Know Your Audience. Take the time to know your audience at the conference. Your conference organiser can and will help, because it's also in their interest that you succeed.
  • Conference Venue. Note the conference venue, its location, parking and transport links. Remember to confirm the date and time of your conference speech. Because you don't want to be late. Nobody wants to reprise this Baroness Scotland speech.
  • Practise. Do make sure there are no time conflicts. Because that's the last thing you need as a conference speaker. So, give yourself plenty of time to plan and prepare your speech. And, of course, you'll need time to practise and rehearse, so there are no autocue issues.
  • Your Conference Speech. Be clear about your speech topic, the speech title and the timings.
  • Look the part. Remember that you'll be the main focus for a large conference audience and perhaps a wider audience elsewhere on television, video streaming or on catch-up. So, you'll benefit when you look the part.

You can always find plenty of public speaking tips with Time to Market to get you ready for your next big conference speech. And, when you need to take things to that higher level, please don't hesitate to get in touch about public speaking training.


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