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Effective presentation course provider Time to Market Ltd has announced the readiness of its new centre for presentation training in Leatherhead, Surrey. Located in an attractive business setting with ready access to motorway links the training centre boasts all the amenities expected of a modern training centre.

Presentation training in Leatherhead

Presentation Training Courses in Leatherhead, Surrey

Andrew Ivey, Principal Trainer at Time to Market commented, “It’s really good to see effective presentation courses now being held in the new Leatherhead training centre. These new premises are excellent and will boost the presentation learning experience.”

Presentation Training In Leatherhead

How hesitant or nervous are you when you have to give a presentation? When you present you want to give a polished performance. You want to exude confidence. And, above all, you want to make a lasting impression.

To find out how you can make a lasting impression and benefit from presentation skills training you can call 01344 859823 or email

Confident presenters all have something in common, not least because:

  • They are prepared
  • Rehearsed, and of course
  • They are trained

You can train to be a confident presenter with presentation training in Leatherhead. We offer a range of presentation skills training courses: for you, for groups, for full days or half days—available for all abilities.

You can train to be a confident presenter in Leatherhead—so you won’t need to travel far.

Presentation training in Leatherhead includes full refreshments and lunch during the day’s session, expert help and advice and all the training materials you need.

So, to find out how you can become a confident presenter and improve your presentation skills in Leatherhead you can contact us now on 01344 859823 or email

About Time to Market Courses

Based in Oxford and operational since 2001, Time to Market is expert in providing presentation techniques and training. We run off-site seminars and presentation courses throughout the United Kingdom. Also, we provide presentation tips and techniques with our regular newsletters.

PresentPerfectTM is a practical hands-on presentation course. Available in either a half day or a full day format, the course combines one to one tuition, demonstration and individual practice. We also have a series of open courses that we make available at selected venues for anyone. But, of course, we limit our public course size to six participants.

We run corporate presentation courses for participants exclusively from one organisation, on-site or off-site. And then we run all our public training courses off site at our specialist training centres.

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Much speech is one thing, well-timed speech is another.”

William Penn

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