How to Handle Feedback After Your Presentation

You expect feedback for most things you do in the modern workplace. Yet, when it comes to how to handle feedback after your presentation, you might be unsure.

How do you react to the feedback? Do you take it well? Or, do you bristle with indignation at these comments made by your colleagues, your boss or other audience members?

Because when you know how to handle feedback after your presentation then you are well on course for even more presentation success.

So, to help you to handle feedback from your colleagues, here are some pointers.

Handle feedback

How To Handle Feedback After Your Next Presentation Event

How You Can Handle Feedback From Colleagues

  • We aren't perfect. That's right, we can always get better at everything.
  • Just because you receive feedback it doesn't mean you have to follow it.
  • But, because someone has offered some feedback, then it's both wise and polite for you to at least listen to it! That's because your colleague has clearly taken the time to listen to your presentation. And, they've listened attentively enough to make some comments. So, now it's your turn to listen.
  • Much of the feedback from different people could well turn out to be contradictory. However, don't discount it. Evaluate it. Weigh it. And consider how it could be you. Consider how your presentation results might improve when or if you follow the feedback.
  • Remember that it's not personal. It's all about your own development. It's a matter of you getting better at your job.
  • Finally, thank everyone for their feedback. Both at the time it's offered and perhaps 24 hours later. Because that definitely suggests you are attentive to the suggestions. Perhaps, you might even explain how you will execute the feedback.

Handle Feedback Well And Improve Your Presentations

When you know how to handle feedback after a presentation you can expect even better presentations in the future. That's simply because many of your colleagues excel at coaching or mentoring. A good coach or mentor knows how you can improve. So take the advice well, consider how to use it and take action. Because that's a far better position to be in than someone who never receives any feedback at all. Not that Iran's Speaker might have thought the same after the Larijani speech in Qom.

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"Every man...should periodically be compelled to listen to opinions which are infuriating to him. To hear nothing but what is pleasing to one is to make a pillow of the mind."

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