How to Give a Good Presentation With Confidence

So you want to give a good presentation. That's excellent. Because you need the commitment to succeed with a presentation as much as anything else at work. All you need to do is add some essential skills and techniques to that commitment…and you're ready!

How to give a good presentation

How You Can Give A Good Presentation At Work

We've posted many top tips about these essential skills and techniques before. So this article simply summarises the key points that you'll need to give a good presentation. No matter if it's a PowerPoint, Keynote, a PowerPoint alternative or flip-chart presentation. Therefore, to help you along here are some tips that should help.

Six Easy Presentation Tips For A Good Presentation.

Tip 1: You Need To Be Prepared

It might not need to be said, but we'll say it. Because you have to be prepared for your presentation. Really prepared. So, before you give your presentation you must rehearse and familiarise its content. Elsewhere we note that you should target one hour of preparation for each minute of a good presentation. So, you need ten hours of preparation for your ten minute presentation! Now, that's sounding like a commitment. And, of course, it is. Because when you give yourself plenty of practice you'll overcome many problems later.

Tip 2: Be Positive

You really do want to tell yourself that you are the best presenter. Now this isn't boastful behaviour, since you're telling yourself. It's your message to yourself. In other words, tell yourself that you are the speaker your audience wants to listen to today. Above all, remind yourself that only you can give your presentation. It's your subject and you're in control. Because you really don’t want to suffer with presentation anxiety. So, you can always overcome any anxious moments with your own positive thinking.

Tip 3: Deliver A Good Introduction

First of all let's note that the introduction to your presentation certainly does matter. Typically you have some 90 seconds to make an impact with your audience. Yes, it really is that short a time span. But, it's your time and your audience is willing you on. That's because they're on your side during this time and this is effectively a grace period. So you want to use your beginning to good effect. You can always discover more about a good introduction here.

Tip 4: Give A Good Conclusion

It's really no surprise that we note a good conclusion to your presentation. Since your finish to your presentation is critical. Your opening comments will seize the attention of your audience. However, it’s your closing remarks that keep their attention. And, importantly what you say in your conclusion will stay in their memory. You can discover more pointers for a good conclusion with another of our tips.

Good Content. Good Presentation

Tip 5: Offer Superb Content

Your presentation style and delivery will always be important for a good presentation. However, content has pride of place in any successful presentation. Yes, style and delivery win short-term praise but they don’t meet the need for longer term understanding. And that's the purpose of your presentation. You want your audience to know, understand or believe something that they didn't know, understand or believe at the start.

So you should organise your material, evidence and explanations as succinctly as possible. Aim to deliver it clearly and simply for maximum understanding. And check that everything is legible and coherent. You can discover more about great content in this article.

Tip 6: Manage Your Breathing

Finally before your presentation, aim to get your breathing under control. Why? Well, it's because so much of your presentation is about you talking and your audience listening. So you should certainly focus on the mechanics of speech. Breathing in. Breathing out! Take long deep breaths and exhale slowly. Perform these exercises several times before you are ready to present. And when you are in front of your audience, don’t rush. Take things slowly. Consequently you'll maintain a strong flow to your presentation with lots of pauses. And your breathing will be all the better for it.

Give A Good Presentation The Next Time You Present

Six easy pointers to help you give a good presentation the next time you're asked to present to your colleagues, customers or suppliers.

  • You need to be prepared.
  • Be positive.
  • Deliver a good introduction.
  • Give a good conclusion.
  • Offer superb content.
  • Manage your breathing.

There's quite a bit of work involved when you want to give a good presentation. But it's something we can all do with time and practice. When you need to give a good presentation or want your team to give good presentations, then please don't hesitate to get in touch about individual coaching or corporate presentation training.

"On the whole, human beings want to be good, but not too too good, and not quite all the time."

George Orwell

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