Manage Content In Your Next Presentation

How often do you think style might win over substance. At first sight it might. But when you want your audience to go home with a nugget of information or a clear and succinct message your content is the top priority. So, with that in mind we’ve prepared some presentation content tips to consider.

Yes, style and delivery are very important. However, content is still king when it comes to effective presentation skills. Certainly style and delivery might be capable of short term plaudits but they don’t meet the need for longer term understanding.

Because public speaking content and relevancy are two sides of the same coin. When presenting a scientific paper we would expect the speaker to respect their audience’s aptitude for facts, figures and data. However we wouldn’t expect the speaker to patronise the listeners with gimmicks.

So to help you out we’ve put together a checklist of presentation content tips for your next presentation:

  • Facts and figures
  • Examples
  • Quotations and references
  • Case studies
  • Graphs, graphics, illustrations and pictures

Presentation content tips

Presentation Content Tips For Your Next Presentation

Note that the onus is not on multimedia. Because you must allow the content to take priority. Then you can make choices about its delivery. And finally, you can consider audio and video options.

Presentation Content Tips: PowerPoint

The deck of PowerPoint slides is typically the starting point for most management presentations today. Note that for many people this implies the slide deck has become a necessary crutch for confident public speaking. No slide deck, no presentation is probably the rule for many presenters.

So if you are dependent on PowerPoint here are some presentation skills tips:

  • Be clear with your objectives
  • Use a theme
  • Use graphics and illustrations
  • Manage your fonts and typefaces
  • Moderate your PowerPoint elements
  • Use the PowerPoint image and visual tools
  • Rehearse and familiarise
  • Look at your audience
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