What Prompter Should You Use for Your Next Speech?

When it comes to your next speech, you really do have some serious choices to make. But these choices are beyond the obvious, such as your title, your content, or your time planning. That's because you have some serious choices to make about how you will give your next speech. Will you use a script? Will you use your iPhone? Your iPad? Or perhaps you might opt for an auto-cue (teleprompter)? Clearly you need to be comfortable with your choice. Since no-one wants to introduce yet another unknown into speech-giving. Yet, your choice of speech manager will definitely affect your style of delivery.

Your next speech

Aim To Deliver Your Next Speech With A Script Or An iPhone

So, to help us out here we have the options you might consider. But, first things first. There's no right solution for everyone. So, if it works for you and your audience, then stick with it. However, you should always consider an alternative if not totally committed.

What To Use For Your Next Speech

A Script

Use a script for your next speech

When you use a script for your next conference speech you can expect a tighter performance. Why? Well, not least when you prepare your script you have plenty of time for edits, re-work and practice. Because you have the chance to test what works and what doesn't. However, you also have the chance to appear wooden. So, you need to work on your delivery, stance and gestures. This well-written hot dog speech makes that point.

An iPhone

Smartphone for your next speech

You can always use your iPhone with your next speech, just like Greta Thunberg did last week in Bristol. Not least because it certainly makes an alternative to a paper script. And because it's on your phone, you can easily share your speech, edit it and also review it. Just be aware of the small screen size, screensaver and battery life. Of course, you can always go that bit further and try other smart ways of giving presentations with smartphones.

Your iPad

Your next speech with an iPad

Your iPad obviously has most if not all the advantages of your iPhone, save for its form factor. Its size makes it less easy to conceal. Yet that wasn't a problem for Mayor Bloomberg who got into the habit of using his iPad for his speeches when Mayor of New York. Just note that you'll still look downwards for your next line.

Auto-cue (Teleprompter)

Autocue practice needed at conference

Auto-cue or a teleprompter is also a sound choice for your next speech at a conference venue. Not least because the practicalities can be managed by a third party organiser. And, yes you should practise your speech delivery with an auto-cue as there some major differences between it and a normal script. Certainly our summary of public speaking problems always includes auto-cue!

Your Choice For Your Next Speech

Whatever you choose as a prompt or a speaking aid for your next speech, you'll still need to practise beforehand.

  • Set out your script so you can read it at a distance.
  • Make sure your iPhone or iPad is fully charged, turn off screensaver and power saving function.
  • Practise with the auto-cue well ahead of time.

Are there any other options? Well, yes. You can always learn your material and deliver your lines, much like an actor does. However, just remember that actors spend a lot of time learning their lines, they often have the benefit of a prompter off-stage, and other actors on-stage can also prompt them. But, if you want to, then give it a go…just have some cue cards ready in your pocket!

You can learn more about public speaking techniques with either a training course or coaching session organised by Time to Market at a training centre near you. So, when you feel the time is right to get ready for your next speech, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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