When you leave your job, the very last thing on your mind might well be how to give your resignation speech. Perhaps that's because you're now focused on your new job, your retirement or the severance package involved. Now in the world of Westminster politics there's definitely an art to your resignation. Since it involves a resignation letter, an interview or even an article in your chosen newspaper. Plus, if you're senior enough there's also the chance to give a resignation speech from the back benches in Parliament. A personal statement if you will.

Your resignation speech

Prepare Your Resignation Speech

However, for the rest of us in the workplace our resignation speech is less glorified. Yet it's equally important. Because what you say when you give your resignation speech and how you say it has a big impact on colleagues, friends and acquaintances alike. So, to help you along, here are some tips for when you have to give a resignation speech or a farewell speech.

Giving A Resignation Speech

Here are five public speaking tips on how to give your resignation speech.

Tip 1

Stage management. You really should consider whether you need a microphone, podium or lectern to speak to your audience. They're probably not needed in most workplaces, but if you are using the conference room or the staff restaurant, then they might prove very useful.

Tip 2

Use a script. You can always help yourself and your audience with a well-prepared script or cue cards for your resignation speech. They're useful because you'll stick to your message, follow the right track and keep to time.

Tip 3

Be brief. Yes, it's your last hurrah, but there's really no point in going on and on. There's always the chance of more conversation and questions over the drinks and nibbles later.

Tip 4

Practise. Just because it's your resignation speech isn't an excuse for a poor performance. So you really should give yourself time to practise your key lines.

Tip 5

A word of thanks. This is your final chance to thank everyone in your team who it's been a pleasure to work with over the months and years. Do aim to be sincere and kind because there's no point in stirring things…you're out of there!

Giving your resignation speech can be great fun and should prove very useful for subsequent career moves.

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