Debut Flash Gordon Speech Nets £60,000

By Andrew Ivey | Speeches

Nov 24
Gordon Brown Speech

Gordon Brown’s Public Speaking Fees

Gordon Brown’s debut as a conference speaker has netted him £60,000 for his first 50 minute speech in India.

Britain’s former Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer signed to a London-based speaker’s bureau in August this year. He gave his debut conference-circuit speech in New Delhi as a keynote speaker at the Hindustan TimesTM annual Leadership Summit.

His speech set out the causes of the banking collapse in 2007/ 2008 and suggested policies to prevent another collapse happening in the future. His choice of a conference in New Delhi was somewhat bizarre. India was, of course, one of the many Asian countries to be pretty well untroubled by the collapse of banks in America and Europe.

But the speech, Lessons from the Last Global Crisis, took the theme of India playing a fuller role in the G20 group of economic nations and other economic bodies. All good stuff for his audience. And good stuff for Gordon too, since his new book will be published very soon.

Gordon Brown is unlikely to command the speaker fees of Tony Blair. Tony’s fees are reckoned to be in the order of £200,000 for a speech. That’s good money if you can get it. But watch out Gordon, it’ll be gone in a flash.


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