Why Use Pauses In Your Speech?

Use Pauses To Achieve Results With Your Speech

Why use pauses in your speech? It’s a question that we are asked all the time. And we answer it by asking another question…

What makes a good public speaker really stand out?

It isn’t really just a matter of confidence, rhetorical skills or a good speech writer. Though they are very important!
It’s delivering a speech at a
conference venue that really counts. Therefore here are pointers to help you with the pauses in your speech.

  • A pause helps your audience to understand what you’ve just said.
  • A solid pause will help your audience to understand your logic.
  • Pauses help your audience to grasp your argument.
  • Audiences use your pauses to understand each of your points.
  • Your pauses help an audience to consider alternatives and streams of thought.

With some good solid speech practice and preparation before your event, you can aim to get your pausing strategy sorted. Practice and rehearsal will always help. So try not to speak too fast as your practise. And finally, do remember to keep your word count under control.

“The most precious things in speech are the pauses.”

Sir Ralph Richardson

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