How to Boost Your Presentation Confidence

Being a confident presenter and giving a successful presentation don’t seem to have much in common with the world of football. But there’s a presentation confidence analogy with goalkeepers. That's because when Robert Green ignominiously let slip one of the new Adidas Jubulani balls into his net on 12th June at the 2010 World Cup he called time on his own England career and unleashed a frenzy of media debate and criticism.

Presentation confidence

Presentation Confidence Tips For Every Presenting Opportunity

Pundits, punters and armchair goalkeepers all expressed their opinion. But it was a sports psychologist that caught our attention. Since his interest was re-building Robert Green’s confidence with a focus on his confidence, control and commitment. Yes, Confidence, control and commitment. Each has a role in getting a player up to standard—whether it’s football, golf or tennis.

Techniques To Boost Your Presentation Confidence

And if confidence, control and commitment can raise your sports game, then the same goes for presentations. There’s little difference. Yes, your panic attack when presenting in front of the Board of Directors might not be as significant a blunder as the England goalkeeper’s. But it’s significant to you…and, importantly, the Directors.

3 Tips To Be Confident When You Present

There are three main tips for building your PowerPoint presentation confidence:


Be confident. Just remind yourself that you have the ability to present, to address an audience. Remind yourself that you know the tasks you have set: thank your audience, introduce your presentation, outline your main presentation points, and conclude your presentation. Then, tell yourself that you know how to carry out these tasks.


Control. When you can control your situation you will be confident. That’s because your control comes from:

  • researching your audience and their needs.
  • planning and preparing your presentation.
  • preparing questions and answers.
  • rehearsing your presentation.

It’s all about control and you don’t want a fear of public speaking.


Commitment. Your commitment can’t be questioned. That’s because you are fully committed to your speech or your presentation. So, you must be committed to your mission and objectives.

But, of course, you also know the value of your success. Your presentation’s success is a tangible net gain for you? A tick in the box. Perhaps, a 1-0 lead! And you certainly don't want to be sick as a parrot.

Dissecting an England football performance is a messy task. But the sports psychology needed for players in the aftermath is ideal when you need to prepare for your next presentation.

For more presentation confidence skills tips, you can always attend a public presentation course. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch when you are ready to develop your presentation confidence.

“You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.”

Rosalynn Carter

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