How to Edit Your Presentation for Success

Key to your business presentation skills is your ability to adapt to each speaking opportunity. Plus a means to get the most from your previous presentations. You don’t want to repeat your previous material. But it’s also true to say that no two presentation events are truly alike. So you should really know how to edit your presentation to stay on top.

Audiences change. Time moves on. Events happen. So there are some valid reasons why you should consider editing an effective PowerPoint presentation you gave last year:

How to edit your presentation

Know How To Edit Your Presentation For Success

Six Reasons Why You Need To Edit Your Presentation

There are many reasons why you might need to edit your presentation. But here are six big ones.

  1. 1
    You have a different presentation audience.
  2. 2
    Business needs and expectations have changed.
  3. 3
    You don’t want to be “typecast” as a presenter.
  4. 4
    Perhaps, you want to use a new introduction.
  5. 5
    You want to have a new conclusion.
  6. 6
    Do you have a new case study?

So, it’s true they are all valid reasons. But when you have the business need to edit your material you don’t want to over-do the changes. Too many changes and you might as well start again—and say goodbye to all your earlier hard work. You need to know how to edit your presentation and still be successful.

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How You Can Edit Your Presentation

The skill is to change no more than some 5% of your presentation material. Any more and you will not be familiar with your new presentation content. Below the 5% change figure and the material is different but you are familiar with it, since nobody wants to experience this type of speech horror from Ghana.

  • Edit your presentation only slightly.
  • You can easily cope with a small (5%) change to your presentation.
  • Edit too much and your comfort zone changes. Then you have to practise and rehearse all over again.

Is there any science behind the 5% edit figure? Yes. It highlights a comfort zone. Beyond this level of change and you have to re-create your material comfort zone. And at the same time invest more time and effort…and time is often in short supply.  Just think how you could improve this consumer packaged goods presentation with some edits.

You can maximise presenting opportunities with some editing skills. Change your existing presentation to suit the audience, time and place. And then focus on presentation rehearsal and execution. When you know how to edit your presentation you’ll become a more confident presenter.

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“Things do not change. We change.”

Henry David Thoreau

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