PRESENTATION TRAINING CENTRES and public speaking venues

When you are looking for a first-class presentation training centre or public speaking venue you don't want regular office interruptions. And you probably don't want to travel too far.

To keep you relaxed and ready for your presentation training you can join a PresentPerfectTM presentation skills course at one of more than 40 presentation training centres or public speaking venues in the UK.

You can find regular training courses at many of these centres in the presentation training course schedule. We can also fix up specific training (half day refreshers, tailored courses or coaching) at all the other training centres when needed.

You can call 01344 859823 or email training to find your nearest presentation training centre

You can find which training centres are hosting courses here:

course schedule

Each of the more than 40 presentation training centres offers first class training accommodation, disabled access, refreshments and lunch. You can be assured of a productive training environment.

Our presentation and public speaking training venues are well located for easy access via road and rail in most cases. They support standard business facilities for off-site training–audio visual projection, internet and WiFi access.

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