Video: Create a Black Slide in Your PowerPoint Presentation

How To Create A Black Slide For Your Presentation

The Black Slide

There will be moments in your presentation when you want to pause. When you want all your audience’s attention on you. Perhaps that might come after a series of slides. Or, alternatively you might want to reinforce a certain point. When you want that focus, it’s time for the black slide in your PowerPoint presentation.[one_half_first]Therefore here some pointers for your next presentation.

  • Try to create a black slide or two in your presentation.
  • Then, use the slide when you want a pause in the proceedings.
  • Or, use the blank slide if there’s an external interruption.
  • Also remember that you can use the B key in slideshow mode.
  • And, of course, you can aim to use it when you field a question from your audience.

You can prepare for some natural breaks in your PowerPoint presentation when you build a black slide or two. Try to use it when you want to pause, make a certain point or reinforce an earlier point. Since there’s no distraction, the black slide will direct the attention of your audience on to you. And, of course, once you become used to the black slide, you can always use it in the slideshow mode. Just press B. It’s so simple.

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